Leather Care & Cleaning Guide

Time and care are leather’s best friends

Leather is a natural material. Like most natural materials, it needs care and looking after. This will ensure its long-lasting appeal year after year and generation after generation.

The care and maintenance of leather always depend on the specific way of usage: the conditions of use and how often it is used. A few simple tips will help preserve the leather’s natural beauty and over time will make it look even more beautiful.

Leather cleaning

Use a 1/2 decilitre of soap flakes to a litre of water. Whip the soap flakes into hot water to create foam. When the water is cooled down to room temperature, apply the foam all over the leather with a soft cloth. Only use the foam and avoid soaking the leather. When the leather is dry, polish it with a soft and dry cotton cloth.


Leather Care

– Avoid placing the leather in direct sunlight or extreme heat.

– Clean using the foam from soap flakes for housecleaning.

– Avoid soaking the leather or any contact with sharp objects.

– In case of any spills, immediately absorb with a clean, dry cloth.

– To dust, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.

– NEVER use detergents, ammonia, oils, polish, varnish, etc.


Because leather is a natural material, its subject to variations in colour and texture. Each hide is unique, often with subtle markings that attest to its origins from nature. These natural markings or irregularities shouldn’t be considered as a defect but as indications of genuine leather.

Types of leather

Aniline is the term designated for leather that is tanned and dyed with no finish on top. The surface is completely natural, and the pores are open. This makes the leather 100% breathable and provides the best seating comfort.

Made from the most high-end raw hides, Aniline leather boasts a natural surface, where the original markings add to an authentic look with loads of character. Each hide is one-of-a-kind and unique. Enjoy a subtle patina that emerges over time and with exposure to light on this comfortable, luscious leather you’ll love.

Semi-aniline is the term designated for leather that is tanned and dyed followed by a pigmented finish and a topcoat. The surface is natural, and the pores are still visible and relatively open. The leather is still breathable.

A light, transparent surface finish gives semi-aniline leather protection against stains and the effects of light while keeping its organic look and feel. The result is a gorgeous, full-grain leather that’s easier to maintain and more resistant to wear and tear, and a comfort factor that feels amazing.

Leather with a protected surface is the term designated for leather that is tanned and dyed, followed by a strong, pigmented layer and topcoat (the number of colour layers can vary). The surface is often corrected and/or embossed and the leather is slightly breathable.

The ultimate for durability. Protected leather has a special surface treatment that guards against wear and tear, making it water repellent, dirt-repellent and stain-resistant. The leather is soft and comfortable, with a more uniform look to the surface. Meaning, the natural markings are minimal in leather that’s ultra-easy to look after, designed to last for generations.

Aniline leather

Leather: Shade
Colour: Sand

Semi-aniline leather

Leather: Spectrum
Colour: Light Tan

Protected leather

Leather: Ultra
Colour: Cognac

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