Bertjan Pot

"Design is too complex for one liners."

Bertjan Pot

BERTJAN POT is a designer, probably best known for his Random Light (1999). The light started as a material experiment, which is basically the start of each product created by Studio Bertjan Pot. The outcome is usually an interior product showing a fascination for techniques, structures, patterns and colors. Most experiments start quite impulsively by a certain curiosity for how things would function or how something would look. From there Bertjan takes on challenges with manufacturers to explore possibilities and push the boundaries a bit. The reward for each challenge is a new one. Studio Bertjan Pot works with manufacturers such as Arco, Established & Sons, Feld, Gelderland, Montis, Moooi and Richard Lampert.

Photography: Portrait by Cornelie de Jong; studio photo by Studio Bertjan pot

products by bertjan pot

Carbon Bar Stool by Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders
Carbon pad & Cap by Bertjan Pot & Marcel Wanders
Carbon Chair by Bertjan Pot